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Form Foreign Earned Income Exclusion 2555-EZ Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service 99 OMB No. 1545-0074 Attach to Form 1040. Next to the amount enter 2555-EZ. On Schedule 1 Form 1040 subtract this amount from your additional income to arrive at the amount reported on. Cat. No. 13272W Form 2555-EZ 2018 Page Days Present in the United States Complete this part if you were in the United States or its possessions during 2018. A foreign business. Other specify If you previously...
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3 Are not an estate, estate member, or dependent of a qualified individual. Part III 1 Have been assigned a social security number. 2 Have filed an amended return using Form 8949. 3 You use Form 2555EZ. Part IV 2 Have paid tax on or are subject to tax on earnings from self-employment and from income in which they were receiving a social security, railroad, inland navigation, or veterans' special strike fund retirement benefit. 3 You have entered an amount on line 18 of Form 1040. 4 You are not subject to any additional tax. Part V 1 Do not get a Social Security number or any Railroad Retirement Board retirement benefit. 2 Are not a spouse or unmarried child under age 16 (unless you are filing a joint return) and have not been living apart from your spouse for more than 1 year. See Exclusion under Special Rules for Children under Noncustodial Parents in Part VI. 3 For the 1/31/19 tax year, your adjusted gross income is at least 35,650. You may not have earned income since you became a U.S. citizen on or after January 1, 1948, and before January 1, 1964. See Nonresident Alien in Part I 2.4 Part I 1 For tax years beginning on or before 4/1/19, a U.S. citizen is treated as a resident alien. 2 In 2018, the age requirements are as follows: Single, head of household, or married filing jointly 135,000 Married filing separately 60,750 Unmarried head of household 36,050 Unmarried dependent of head of household 31,450 Part II 1 You may have been assigned a social security number using Form SS-4. The IRS issues social security numbers and social security cards when necessary for the administration of the Social Security program. 2 You may have a railroad or inland navigation retirement benefit if it was earned before your spouse's death and was not fully excluded in the computation of your earned income. 3 You may be a spouse or unmarried child under age 16 (unless you are filing a joint return). See “Child” under Noncustodial Parents in Part V.
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This video discusses form 2555 and the foreign earned income exclusion first we will briefly go over the requirements to claim the exclusion, and then we will review the form line by line to simplify the video we will not be going over the housing deduction which is generally applicable to self-employed individuals if you are a US citizen or an u.s. resident alien living in a foreign country you are subject to the same US income tax laws that apply to citizens and residents living in the United States however if you meet certain requirements you may be able to exclude up to a hundred and two thousand one hundred dollars of foreign earned income for 2017 you qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion if you have foreign earned income you meet the tax home test, and you meet either the bona fide residence test or the physical presence test foreign earned income generally means income you earn from services you performed in a foreign country where the employer is located and where the payment is made are not relevant to determine if the income is foreign income the term foreign country does not include u.s. possessions US...


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